With more than 30 years experience in the construction of prefabricated building units, backed up by an advanced research department, ETA-BOX is able to offer customers unparalleled competence and professionalism for the development of special structures to meet specific needs.
Constant research into new materials and the use of the most advanced technology on the market, combined with constantly developing in-house skills, ensure that we can provide a fast and professional answer to your needs – every time: from the installation of tailored prefabricated units to the application of special finishes, add-on porch roofs, verandas, etc. non-standard sanitary fittings and plumbing or electrical installations.

The right answer to the problem of installing a structure that combines low weight and high strength with reduced cost: a prefabricated unit. Highly versatile in terms of modularity and application, practical installation and relocation if necessary, a prefabricated unit is the ideal solution for all residential or professional requirements where conventional masonry construction is impractical.
Thanks to the use of top quality materials and finishes, our prefabricated units afford numerous benefits, including extreme durability and minimum maintenance requirements.
All the prefabricated units can be interconnected and/or stacked, thereby allowing the creation of an endless number of possible configurations.
Also, the facility to fit doors, windows, and partition walls in any position makes it possible to meet the broadest possible range of requirements and solve all application problems.

The variety of different combinations assures the right solution for all requirements